In which Din reveals that he's a stalker of the creepy knows-too-much variety.
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The Dark Hour - 028


Woo, submitted on time :D My wrist is doing much better and I didn't murder it this time, so we're back on track! Also I got to try out a cintiq, which was pretty neat, but I also learned that Medibang does sharper lineart than Photoshop (with default brushes anyway). So yeah. Learning experiences all around!

ANYWAY, more cameos! This time we've got: Panel 3: Midas/Greed of azureXtwilight's Re:Set

Panel 5: Tyfon of Culty's The Cult of Undesirables

Also snuck in a few of my OCs. Maybe their stories will get told someday too.

I also did an art trade this month with MikoKa of Liars go to Paradise?. You can check out her half here and my half here. To give some context, the sisters behind LGTP and their family were my neighbors growing up so I got a lot of inspiration from them. They're basically Galebound's godmothers. Definitely go check out their comics! :D

Anyway, thanks for reading and see you next week. Galespeed <3