secretly this page is just an excuse to use that foreground/background blur switch effect
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The Dark Hour - 027


Hey guys, welcome to chapter two! Wooo! :D

So, here's a special page for ya, featuring cameos from friends and a few other webcomics!

Panel 2: -xianyu118's Bryant Bromwell of Bad Vibes -MoonLotus-Hime's Runeildo Damiao of Music in the Tarot Cards

Panel 3: -Inkdragon's Mark -HumanStick's Marr Mast -Tibbittz's Kathryn "Artemis" Kennedy of SwordCat Princess (NSFW warning!) -VikiKuli's Merc Jenkins of Wednesday7

Some characters were so very cooperative, but they were all fun to draw :D More cameos to come!

Anyway, this page took a lot more time and effort than I planned for. To be honest, the next page might be a bit late, although I'll try my best to be on time @_@ (I may have screwed up my wrist a bit--whoops). But either way, thanks for reading and see you next week! :D