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Snake Charmers - 075


Just so you guys know, your comments killed me last page. I'm submitting this page from the afterlife.

SPEAKING OF I'm currently having a debate with myself. A comment last page got me thinking about Disqus again. I'm over the salt of them suddenly chucking ads into their service now, so I'm considering reimplementing it (but with the ads removed because ew). I'm fine with either comment system but there are some hefty benefits to Disqus (namely having the comments shared between both mirrors and being able to upvote comments), and I'll be able to import existing comments (this was the important bit to me lol) but legacy comments won't be editable on Disqus.

I've done some coding shenanigans to make sure the same thread is loaded on both mirrors and to make it better implemented than it was before. My next step is working on importing in legacy comments, so it'll probably be a bit before I make the switch for real. Maybe a couple weeks. Probably less considering how much I'm itching to code the importer. WE SHALL SEE.

Either way, thanks for reading and see you next week!

Edit: As is probably apparent, I made the switch over to Disqus \o/ I was able to import all of the comments (I think), except for the ones on page 4 and 15 (I have no dang idea why). If you guys notice any bugs or weirdness or want me to edit any of the legacy comments, please let me know :3